Landing Pages Marketing Strategies

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Landing Pages Marketing Strategies
Generally landing page is best online and powerful marketing tool which contains the unique webpage. Been said as a leading capture page where visitors complete a certain action on your task you persuade.
For example:
  • Webinar register
  • Subscribe to your newsletter in exchange for an eBook or product demo
  • Buy your product
The goal of creating a extra landing page is to encourage visitors to complete specific action, which being an easy task to handle.The key behind landing page is creation of art, but along with this you still need to do a lot of A/B testing to adjust your assumptions about visitors how they think and see what works and what doesn't.
How Landing pages gather there Traffic from:
  • Banner adverstiment on your website
  • From newsletter campaigns and mazines
  • PPC ads campaigns such as google Ad words
  • Writing your own websites or blog
We all known once you have a visitor's email address you can communicate with them on a much more personal level. So that's why landing pages are widely used to launch webinars, persuade visitors to give their email address with the help of eBooks, email courses, special discounts. If you want to create a successful landing page, then i must tell you it takes lots of experience and you need to be aware of precisely what you want to achieve out of.
There are important step in order to create a successful landing page and capable of converting visitors into customers.
  • Make sure that your landing page shouldn't too be long that a visitor have o scroll down in order to know exactly what you are promoting. Preferably use 300 pixels top of the page.
  • Leave no distractions on your landing page in the form of images and high-flying words. Just keep a single image that is relevant to your product and service. Even remove your main navigation or side bar if you think it can distract your visitors. Use the F-shaped eye-tracking principal and keep most crucial information in this area.
  • This means using heading and sub-headings, using bullets to summarize main points and underlining your hyperlinks.
  • Clients might still be using a dial up connection, and some might be using handheld devices to access your landing page so Your page must load fast. Don't get into the debate of creating a long or a short landing page. The length of your page depends on what kind of information your customer's needs, which can be just effective and ineffective landing pages.
  • For the core message of your page a single column layout on your landing page, with ample of white space on both the sides of your column helps visitors to focus better.
  • Use very simple, but decent language to convey your message bcoz is not a good place to prove your writing prowess.
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